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jolielikeangie's Journal

6 September
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Allright, stuff about me.

Well, I was born in India and went to NY when I was 6. And now I've returned to India(well, actually make that 2 years ago). It's taken some adjusting but I'm getting used to it. Thank goodness for things like cricket/football/tennis and Star World(the channel in India which broadcasts all American shows); they help me breathe a lot easier. And that's really saying something because I live in a big polluted city.

Currently I'm doing fashion design. So probably whenever I get to posting on this journal, I'll post some pics of my works of art. Feel free to stroke my ego and give me compliments. ;) But don't worry, even though I'm doing fashion I'm not terribly good at being a snob. So don't let the title scare you, I'm quite friendly.

And yes I will be writing in this journal soon. I haven't had time lately, but I'm going to start! Before July(2008) ends even! Probably pigs are going fly now.