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27th-Jun-2009 02:39 pm(no subject)

So Michael Jackson is really gone. It seems so strange and unreal. He's always looked so fragile, but no one ever thought one of those rumors of his death would actually turn out to be true.

I remember for a screenprinting class, I decided to use him as my inspiration. I screenprinted some 10 or so samples that covered various songs of his. I had to pull an all-nighter to complete the job and I even played all of his songs throughout the night. I'm goofy like that. It turned out really well and even my teacher who is usually stingy with her compliments said it was "very good". It's one of the few things I've made that I've kept and not quickly disposed to the trash can like I do with with my other projects.

I didn't grow up on his music; I re-discovered him a year ago and became a fan. I liked all his albums even the last one and still wish there were his usual awesome videos to go along with the songs.

And as it is with iconic figures, there's always a mystery that envelopes their untimely demise. Being a daughter of a cardiologist and growing up on Nancy Drew books, I think there's a lot that is left unanswered. Like how come the doctor present doesn't know CPR should be performed on a hard surface and not a bed? And how come Lidocaine was being used to bring him out of cardiac arrest? Lidocaine is used to treat an irregular heartbeat, but if there was no heartbeat because he was unconscious and not breathing, then why give him that? there is no monitor to track his heartbeat so why were they pumping him with cardiac meds? What he really needed was a narcotic antagonist like naloxone hydrochloride to reverse the effects of the Demerol. And when a 20 year old fashion design student knows this much, I really feel bad for Michael Jackson and the vultures he seems to be surrounded by throughout his life.

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